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Are you Addicted to the Internet?




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1. Your morning routine most resembles:
Wake up and go to work... same old same old.
Stumble to the computer to start your morning routine. Realize an hour has passed and you are late for work. Again.
Get to work early so you can have some time alone to surf the net and chat.
Head to work where you use the company's connection to check Facebook and chat on an instant messenger throughout the day.
Reach for your laptop and spend the day working from home and surfing your favorite sites.

2. Do you have more friends:
In real life

3. How do you react to your Internet connection going down?
Power-cycle your modem/router, then call customer support if it's still down.
I try connecting a little later... there was a show I wanted to watch on TV anyway.
My connection is never down - I have several backup ISPs just in case.
I only log in every now and then so I probably wouldn't notice.
I would call the customer support line right away and demand they fix it!

4. Where do you do most of your shopping?
I shop online for specialty items and gifts, but i prefer to go to the store for clothes and essentials.
In stores, duh!
I haven't been in a real store in over a year! Even my groceries are bought online...
I rarely need to go out to real stores - I can find just about anything online.

5. Have you ever met a significant other over the Internet?
Yes, and we still haven't met.
Yes, and I married them!
I never talk to strangers online. There are crazy people out there!
Yes, once.
No, but i am trying...

6. How much of your job involves the Internet?
A lot of it does, but I do other things as well.
Maybe a bit.
Job? I haven't had a job since my dot-com went under.

7. How many hours per day are you online?
A few minutes just to check my mail.
An hour or 2 every night to catch up.
8 hours while I am at work.
12+ hours and boy do my wrists hurt!
18+ hours... Where's my Mountain Dew™?

8. What's your favorite pickup line?
If I could rearrange the alphabet, I'd put U and I together.
Wanna cyber?
Can I email you sometime?
Hey babie! What's your sign?

9. What are your views on spam?
I don't mind it. In fact, I think I just won a Florida cruise!
Its really annoying! Make it stop!
Gross! I don't eat canned meat!
Spam? I have so many filters it would never reach my inbox!

10. Do you have your own web page or blog?
What's a web page? Is that like Facebook?
Yes, but it's on a free host with ads.
Yes, and I designed it myself!
Yes, with my own domain name even.
Please! Even my dog has his own domain!